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Rotary Rakes

The Rotary Rakes is produced based on Águia S-300 model, which have 3 meters workng width.

The Águia S-300 is designed to revolve the hay after cutting, making better use of the sun's heat during dehydration.  Other utility is to make uniform windrows hay that can be easy collected by the baler. 

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  • This machine consists of two rotating bodies supported by a structure attached to the three points of the tractor hydraulic lift.
  • The rotary bodies are driven by the power of the tractor by a cardan shaft cardan.O shaft rotates a pair of gears, which in turn drives another pair which rotates in the opposite direction.
  • In bodies with an inverse direction of rotation to the other, are mounted several flexible parts (springs), the leading hay for drying, forming a windrow.
  • In ther rear, the machine has a pair of baffles, with adjustable opening, completing the windrowing.
  • Transmission gears milled steel, heat treated, ensuring strength and durability to the equipment.
  • Recolhedoras spring steel heat treated with adjustments, approaching ground by centrifugal force.
  • Two wheel with height adjustment.
  • Deflectors with adjustable rear opening.
  • Tractor power: 25 hp