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PGO - Octogonal Revolving Doors

PGO - Octagonal Revolving Door with passage box closing made of flat glass.

Detronix Revolving Doors, were designed with high quality standard, the newest technology and excel themselves from others equipments by their stability and reliability. They have a modern design and an excellent finishing with no harm to the hardness of the set.

The mechanical system, critically elaborated, allows smoothness on carrousel rotation and locking safety.

Revolving Door and Metal Detector Set was developed to operate as a unique system, with no interferences between the mechanical system and the electronic system.

Different metal detectors models can be coupled and give the highest technology in metal detection, with high immunity to external interferences and with excellent metal discrimination.

Metal detectors different options:

MettusDX/8s walk through metal detector, multi-zones system with 8 (eight) detection zones, sensibility adjustment by zone and with luminous side bar indicating detected object position.

MettusDX walk through metal detector, a system with only one detection zone.

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• Structure formed by a steel passage box, MDF and glass.
• Carrousel with anti-clockwise rotation, with three rotating glass blades.
• Laminated or hardened glass with 6mm to 10mm foam, according to customer request.
• Strong mechanical system with adjustable rotating control, anti-return lock, electromechanical locking with impact absorbing and defined stop positioning.
• Electronic command with 110/220Vca power, no-break, locking luminous signal.
• Microprocessed control panel with keyboard and display for programming, voice recorder, turno n/off key, net indicator LED, usage no-break indicator LED, locking indicator LED and no electric power sound signal.
• Metal detector with excellent metal discrimination between magnetic and non-magnetic metals, allowing great distinction between personal objects and guns. It has digital filters that guarantee high immunity to environment electric noises, offering a great stability to the equipment. Made up by 20 operation channels, allowing apparatus assembly, totally leaned and no interconnection cables.  
• Metal detector antennas placed between the side and the axle, performing the detection only in the user entrance. The metal detector is manufactured according to safety and electromagnetic emission rules.  The metal detector has  award of no interference for pacemakers, emmited in 01/2009.


Communication interface with PC, passages counter, remote control for programming, acrylic objects compartment, intercommunicator and automatic electric power of 100-240Vca.
Note: As a manufacturer, Detronix has the right to include or exclude characteristics due to following customer’s needs.

ExternaL width: 1700mm
Length: 1780mm
External height: 2250mm
Internal height: 2100mm