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Hand Held Mettus MNI

Mettus MNI metal detectors are micro-processed equipments with high sensibility and low battery consumption, developed to personal search or for hidden objects.

•    Battery charger.
•    Rechargeable battery.
•    Vibrating alert.
•    Ear Set.
•    Wrist Cord.
•    Protection cover.
•    Transport case.

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• Injected ABS structure, gray or black color.
• Polycarbonate panel, high resistance.
• Microprocessed electronic circuit.
• Sensibility digital adjustment with 10 levels.
• Luminous and sound detection alarm.
• Detection continuous warning during metal proximity, which allows a better accuracy in searching.
• Automatic shut off after 1 minute last detection.
• Feeding: 1 battery of 9V.
• Turned on indicator LED.
• Battery automatic test.
• It detects magnetic and non-magnetic metal, also ferrous and non-ferrous.
• Approximately weight of 310g.
• Quick access compartment to the battery.
• Battery charger inlet.
• Ear set outlet.